Gholamreza Khamisipour







Address: Bushehr University of Medical Sciences

P.O.Box: 7518759577


(0098)7714552247 & 4550235(Fax)


Date & Place of Birth: 1968 IRAN



· Biology,B.S.,Tarbiat Moalem University,Tehran,Iran, 1991-1995

· Hematology & Blood Banking,MSc.,Tarbiat Modares University, 2001

· Hematology & Blood Bank,PhD,Tarbiat Modares 2011.




· Faculty Member of Bushehr University of Medical Sciences & Health

Services, Bushehr, Iran.

· Head of Medical Laboratory Department, Bushehr University of Medical

Sciences & Health Services, Bushehr,Iran

· Head of Blood Transfusion organization in Bushehr Province

· Head of Department of Hematology in Bushehr University of Medical




o Assistant Editor, Iranian South Medical Journal, Bushehr University of Medical

Sciences & Health Services

o Reviewer of Cell Journal,Rouyan Institute,Tehran Iran

o -Reviewer of Iranian Journal of Blood and Cancer



· Iranian Blood Transfusion Society

· Iranian association of pediatrics hematology & oncology



· Bushehr University of Medical Sciences & Health Services: 1995-Present

· Hematology & Blood Banking for MT & CLS Students



· 9TH International Geographic Congress(Oncology) 1996, Shiraz, Iran

· First National Epidemiologic Congress, 2002, Bushehr, Iran

· 2nd Iranian Congress on Virology, 2004,Tehran, Iran

· ISSCR Congress,2010, Canada

·World congress of regenerative medicine, 2011, Germany

· 6th congress of hematology/oncology in children, 2012, Ahvaz, Iran

· The 18th Takeda Symposium on Bioscience on iPS, Japan,2015

· International Congress on Blood; Diseases and Clinical Administrations




· Production of Recombinant Antibodies, 2004

Tarbiat Modares, University, Dept of Biotechnology, TEHRAN, IRAN

· Clinical Application of PCR-ELISA for β-Thalassemia Mass Screening

(BTMS) 2004

Tarbiat Modares University, Dept of Biotechnology, TEHRAN, IRAN

· International Workshop on Microarray Data Analysis 2006 Institute of

Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Tehran, Iran



· Cell & Gene Therapy

· Cell Reprogramming

· Cancer Stem cell Tracking

· Regenerative medicine & Tissue engeneering



· Cell culture & related techniques: Karyotyping

· Primer design: Gene Cloning & related

techniques MicroRNA & siRNA

· Nucleic acid Transfection:

· Viral Production PCR Techniques


Published Articles:

1. Fakher Rahim,Fateme Hamid,Hamid Galedari,Gholamreza Khamisipour,Bijan Keikhaei,Kaveh

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6. Rahim F,Saki N,Mousavi SH,Soleimani M,Khamisipour G.R.(2012). A review of Biology and

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Journal of Clinical Research,1:4-16.(Iran).

7. Soufizomorrod , M. ,M. Soleimani, S. Abroun , M. Mossahebi Mohammadi, GH. Khamisipour , N.

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9. Farshdousti Hagh, Majid, Najmaldin Saki, Gholamreza Khamisipour.(2012)Hypermethylation

Status of Promoter is an Epigenetic Change in Lymphoied Malignancies. IJHOSCR, Vol 6,


10.Mosahebimohammad, Majid, Kaviani Saeid, Soleimani Masoud,Haji fathali Abbas,Zonoubi

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13. Khamisipour, G.R.,H.Mozdarani,F.Shokri(1997). Cytogenetic analysis of malignantBcells

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Published Books:

1.Hematology,Hemostasis & Transfusion Medicine In :Clinical Diagnosis and Management by

Laboratory Methods (2007), Henty Davidson,Translation. ISSN:978-964-987-033-5.

خون شناسی، انعقاد وطب انتقال خون. تالیف:ھنری دیوید سون.سال ٢٠٠٧ ،ترجمھ غلامرضا خمیسی پور،مھدی الھ

بخشیان،مھین نیکوگفتار. انتشارات اندیشھ رفیع.

2.Textbook of Blood Bank(2008),Sally Rudman.Translation

درسنامھ بانک خون.تالیف: سالی رادمن. ٢٠٠٨ ،ترجمھ غلامرضا خمیسی پور،مھدی الھ بخشیان. انتشارات اندیشھ رفیع

3.Hematopietic Stem Cells(2012),Khosravi Pub.Tehran,Iran.

سلولھای بنیادی خونساز-تالیف-نجم الدین ساکی،شعبان علیزاده،ھادی موسوی،غلامرضاخمیسی پور،مسعود سلیمانی-انتشارات


4.Transfusion Medicine(2012),Khosravi Pub.Tehran,Iran.

طب انتقال خون،تالیف-نجم الدین ساکی،سعیدآبرون،سعیدکاویانی،شعبان علیزاده،غلامرضاخمیسی پور- انتشارات خسروی

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